Thanks for following! I am looking forward to a great year! I am Coach Smathers this is my first year here at WOISD. I am coaching football and track. I am a 2015 graduate of Tarleton State University. I started teaching and coaching in August 2016.

We will be using google classroom for most things however I can post things on the blog if it is needed just let me know. My email is smatherse@woisd.net

Below is the Policies and Procedures file


Lesson Plans 8/4-8/7

TEKS: P.02H, P.02L, P.03F

Tuesday: Metric Conversion Notes, Metric Conversion and Scientific Notation practice-measuring heights

Wednesday: Dimensional Analysis notes, Dimensional Analysis practice

Thursday: Dimensional Analysis practice problems

Friday: Dimensional Analysis scavenger hunt.

Lesson Plans 8/27/18- 8/31/18

TEKS- P.01A, P.01B, P.02E, P.02H, P.02I, P.02L

Monday: Bubble gum lab.

Tuesday: Scientific Notation discussion. Rounding #1 due Wednesday.

Wednesday: Scientific Notation review. Scientific Notation and metric prefix assignment with moon mission questions.

Thursday: addition/subtraction/multiplication/division of scientific notation. Practice page due Friday.

Friday: Scientific Notation Scavenger Hunt.

Lesson plans 8-20 – 8-24

TEKS: P.02 a-l P.03 d

Monday: Lab Safety discussion and Lab Safety contract, Ted Ed and questions on Google classroom.

Tuesday: Scientific method discussion. Oreo Inquiry Lab

Wednesday: Complete Oreo Lab and begin writing the lab report

Thursday: Finish writing the lab report.

Friday: Finish scientific method discussion and assignment on Google classroom.